Privacy Policy

While most of our visitors aren't affected or interested in privacy policy information, it is our duty to provide any and all details in regards to it. We hope that you are satisfied with the features and security measures we take in order to ensure your ongoing satisfaction - thank you putting your trust in us!

We collect personal information - to ensure that your browsing experience is as smooth and secure as possible. Personal information will be stored on our servers should you decide to create an account or make a purchase, and even then with your explicit permission. We do not aim to sell or distribute your information but to improve our long-term relation.

We collect non-personal information - in order to further upgrade and develop the features you see on our website. Information in regards to your browser type, device of choice and location of access will be used to develop new and exciting options for you to use.

We encourage the use of cookies - because cookies make internet better! Cookies are there to improve your browsing experience and make it faster and more reliable. You can opt out of using cookies on our website but many of the features you find might not work as you would expect. Make a judgment call should you have any concerns about the security of our cookies.

We collect information - in order to implement the data in our ongoing analysis and site development. We want to provide the best possible experience for our users but we can't do that without communicating through data and feedback. The data you entrust us with will only be used for further site improvement and your own leisure of browsing.

Security is our number one priority - because the internet can be a dangerous place sometimes. Ensuring that our users' information is safely stored and locked away from prying eyes is something we take pride in. Information in regards to your account information or payment methods will never be used for ill intent or accessed by someone else other than us.

We work with affiliates and partners - to provide an even better benefit towards browsing our website instead of some other. Our partners are there to provide additional content and value to you and will sometimes be given access to our mailing lists and contacts. These will serve to promote their products or services based on your individual profiles, meaning that you might receive promotional mail in the future.

We reserve the right to update this policy - based on further analysis and new information. While the perfect policy might not exist, we will do our best to provide such value to you in any way we can. Bookmark this page and check back in every once in a while to stay up to date with policy updates should they occur over time.

We hope that you are satisfied with our policy - feel free to continue browsing the site and make sure to leave us some feedback while you're at it! You can contact us if you have any complaints or thoughts about the policy, as well as if it doesn't sit well with you personally. While we can't change the policy based on every bit of feedback, we can discuss it and find a common solution should there be any issues.